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What a frustrating and depressing period, but at the same time, an absolute necessity. If you are anything like us this lockdown caused allot of snacking, luckily Ketofi.shop had us covered with the snacks, the other aspect was the ingredients for baking.

The shop has all the necessary ingredients except the regulars you get at any shop like almond milk, butter, baking powders and salt. Other than that we have fiber, to add bulk to your baking, almond flour for giving baking texture and as flour replacement, apple cider vinegar to add tartness, chia seeds for breakfast pudding, coconut oil as baking oil, brazil and macadamia nuts for roasting or adding to cakes and bakes for extra texture and erythritol for sweetness.

So we have done a bit of baking, from breakfast cookies to cheesecake.....and a variety of them. We tried to make the almond and butter cookies like these in the shop, but our just didn't taste anything as good. We still have allot of recipes to try out but below I will share our favourite and also some more delicious recipes you can try out.

So here goes -


So our favourite but also most 'complicated' to make, only due to the waterbath, is a low carb keto cheesecake. You can find the original recipe here and the video below to show how easy it is.

This came out so delicious but we did modify it a bit for a few things like eggs since ours was medium-sized we added an extra and we used less Erythritol than they said and added the Puhdas+ Keto Fiber for added texture (only 1tbsp) and we don't use Xantham gum so we skipped it. 

It still came out amazing and between the two of us we finished it in like 2 days, it was this good! the texture was really good and light, not heavy and wet so this is exactly how I love new york cheesecakes. The crust was next level amazing and we were both really impressed with it since it was just like real bakery crust. 

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We will definitely make this again and at the end, I doubt anyone not knowing will even think it is Keto.....


Blueberry Muffins

These babies was so gooood, we have this problem that when we have something we baked in the house....it has to be finished as soon as possible.....okay, it's only my problem. These only lasted 2 days as well, a loooong two days.

The recipe is over here 


Don't worry if yours doesn't look like that in the Video, the proof is in the tasting and believe me you will love these! Ours came out a bit crumbly, so they broke really easily since we didn't have any xantham gums or anything to hold it together. We also didn't know the trick about adding fiber to make it a bit more fluffy and we can thank writingfoxes for that (more later)

So next I want to share a few recipes we will still try out, and they look more than just amazing! 

Next recipes to try! 

So first off, if you have any recipes of your own you would like to share with us and our awesome subscribers, just drop us a mail to info@ketofi.shop - we will also share it on our Instagram page (@ketofi.shop

Our next recipe's, which we have been delaying due to summer holiday, is the delicious Banana Peanut bars. I have a feeling they won't last very long in our house, but it's an absolute necessity to make them! 

The recipe is by an awesome friend called Sussana aka 'The cookie dough vegan' aka 'keksitaikinavegaani' aka 'Amazing baker an even more amazing person'! Go follow her on Instagram @keksitaikinavegaani

The recipe is over here and makes delicious bars that you can have for breakfast with some bulletproof coffee! 

Banaani-maapähkinävoipalat; Banana Peanut Butter bars

She has so many more great recipe's, so be sure to check them all out on her page! And she also made a delicious peanut butter cup with our very own Pip&Nut products from our shop over here 


The next recipes I want to try are from the @writingfoxes , they are a young couple that is sharing their Keto recipe's during the lockdown. They have this awesome Indonesian satay we want to try but also a load of other very cool recipes that you can find over here and we definitely need to try this Chocolate muffin recipe! 

Please feel free to comment or email us with any questions or recipes! 



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