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This is a delicious low carb and keto-friendly jam sweetened with stevia.

Containing only natural occurring sugars from real fruits, our low-calorie jams have the same sweet taste without the added sugar.  
  • MADE FOR THE KETO DIET, VEGAN CONSUMERS AND ALSO SUITABLE FOR DIABETICS - Now enjoy your jams & jellies without the worry of increasing the blood sugar levels in your body. Satisfy your sweet cravings, even for diabetic, vegan & diet conscious audience looking for weight loss or fitness stability.
  • DELICIOUS LOW-CALORIE JAM – Good Good, no added sugar jam, tastes delicious. With low calorie and carb advantage, you can add it into your Keto diet too! All our natural sweeteners carry the sweet taste with zero or very few calories.
  • NO SUGAR, JUST NATURAL SWEETENERS - Traditional jams have more sugar and sweetened syrups added into the making of jams and jellies, but our stevia- and erythritol sweetened jams contain all natural ingredient that delivers excellent taste and guilt-free eating.
  • ALTERNATIVE TO CHEMICALLY PROCESSED SUGAR PRODUCTS - We believe that life should be sweet but without any added sugar. Added refined sugar (glucose or fructose) is one of the single worst ingredients in our modern diet.

Ingredients: Fruits (Fig 65%, Orange 5%), Water, Sweetener (erythritol, steviol glycosides from stevia), Gelling agent (pectin), Rowanberry (sorbus aucuparia L.) extract, Lemon powder, Carrot and Blueberry concentrate,  Citric acid

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