Avento Dumbbell Set 35 Cm 15 Kg Steel Black/Chrome 11 Pcs


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Avento dumbbell set

This dumbbell set from Avento is ideal for a varied workout where you can target all your muscles separately and can be used in single or double. The dumbbell set contains eight robust, steel discs, so you can decide for yourself which weight you want to train with. With the possibility to choose between 1,5 and 15 kg you determine the intensity of your workout and you can also train with an adapted weight per muscle group. In addition, the adjustability of the dumbell allows you to slowly build up your workout. The dumbell has a steel bar with non-slip handle for extra grip and the screw closures ensure that the weights are secure. The set consists of a chromed steel handle with fasteners and eight separate steel weights that vary in weight from 0.5 to 3 kilos.

Gender: unisex
Colour: black, chrome
Material: steel
Rod length: 35 cm
Total weight: approx. 15 kilo

1 Rod of 1.5 kilograms
2 Clasps of 0.25 kilo
2 Discs of 0.5 kilo
2 Discs of 1 kilo
2 Discs of 2 kilo
2 Discs of 3 kilo