Tunturi Yoga Wheel 33 Cm


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Tunturi yoga wheel

Get to know this fine yoga accessory: the yoga Tunturiwheel! The wheel can be used for all kinds of stretching exercises to improve your flexibility. Think for example of the shoulder position, the bridge or the cobra. The yoga wheel provides extra support for these exercises, making it easier for you to adopt postures and maintain them for a longer period of time. The outside of the yoga wheel is finished with an anti-slip structure to prevent slipping.

The advantages of the Tunturiyoga wheel:
✔ To make it easier to get into certain postures and to hold on to exercises for longer.
✔ Helps to increase your flexibility.
✔ Useful for at home or in yoga school.

Colour: black
Gender: unisex
Material: EVA
Outer diameter: 33 cm
Inside diameter: 29 cm
Width: 13 cm