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Thank you for coming to our 'About us' page to learn more about us! We are excited to share some more information with you to make you familiar with us and our store.

Where are we and why are we selling healthy snack products?

We are based in Finland and for a long time have been struggling to find sufficient snacks and kitchen items to keep us in a Ketogenic state. This is often achieved by Intermittent Fasting but I wanted it to be much longer so I set out to get some Keto snacks and sadly the variety of options isn't wide. There is all this sugar alternatives and other fillers that will definitely take you out of ketosis, not even to mention make you break your goals and add those extra kilograms. Preservatives is another issue I always look at when doing shopping, and it is everywhere and in everything.


Finland health and great quality products for best weight loss


For these reasons, we have aimed at bringing you the healthiest, most nutrient and natural products we can find, of course, also while staying away from sugar and carbohydrates. The sold items are mainly sourced from companies which have a few things in common, such as ecological thinking, sustainability, the best nutrition you can get from a product and not adding any type of strange stuff to the list of ingredients.

We also have some previous experience in the supplement and nutrition industries with added knowledge of Diet and Healthcare training. 

Where are the products from?

Most of the items in the shop we have sampled ourselves and once it passed the 'taste test' we would add it to our list. The range is also based on only the best quality items, since we do not have a huge variety in Finland, our products are mainly sourced from the UK, but also the rest of Europe and as time passes we will add many more products to our range. We try to use ecological and organic products as far as possible


The supplements in the shop at the moment are from Finland since Finnish people manufacture amazingly great quality products which you can trust, not only since it is tested thoroughly, but also because they are very focused on great quality and environmental sustainability. I have decided to opt only for this range from PUHDAS+ and will later add more popular brands to the list.


Fast and Reliable shipping across Europe

We offer fast and reliable shipping across Europe with Tracking links and drop-off points closest to your location. Our warehouse is located in Estonia which is easily connected via flights and trucks to the rest of Europe.

Our shipping prices are determined based on weight and destination, and thus shipping is kept at a minimal price due to the well connected network and agreements we have with out logistics partners

Standard shipping is kept at 3-5 days within Europe in order to bring you the best products in the best time.


For more information, drop us a mail

If there is absolutely anything, a review, warning, a simple message, if you need something added to the shop or just want to check in with us please use the Contact us form or send us an email to info@ketofi.shop and don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram! 


Happy shopping!

The Ketofi team


Healthy Vegan diet food with Keto information as well as suitable Paleo food


We are a registered Finnish business entity registered as Roka Trading with Business ID 2978064-5