Bio keto granola 200g


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Let's call it muesli’s sophisticated sister. Granola got mixed up with seeds, nuts and spices; sweetened with coconut syrup. The whole thing is baked for some hours to give it super crunchy effect. It’s satisfying, indulgent and great for morning, noon and night.

Ingredients: bio coconut chips, bio sesame, bio sunflower seeds, bio pumpkin seeds, bio hazelnuts, bio chia seeds, bio linseed, xanthan gum

Allergen information:
Product may contain soya, wheat, gluten and nuts.

Pack 200 g

Approx values in 100 g:

Energy -  2451 kJ / 590kcal
Fat - 51 g
- of which saturated - 20 g
carbohydrates - 9 g
- of which sugars- 3,2 g
dietary fiber- 16 g
protein- 14 g
salt- 0,06 g