Brazil nut, Organic, Raw, 200g


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The Brazil nut is a mildly aromatic, delicious and full-bodied nut. It is known for its high selenium content, which makes it one of nature’s best sources of selenium - just a few nuts a day is enough to secure the necessary selenium intake. It is also a good source of magnesium, protein, potassium and calcium.

Brazil nuts are suitable for a wide range of cooking and baking, as well as for snacking as is. You can make milk from them and also use them as part of muesli, snacks and mixes porridges and salads.

It is recommended to soak the nuts in water at room temperature for at least four hours before eating as it makes them easier to digest and better absorbed from minerals and minerals.

Raw, organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, GMO-free. Does not contain additives or preservatives.


Energiaa/Energi: 2805 kJ/670 kcal
Rasvaa/Fett: 66.4 g
– joista tyydyttyneitä/varav mättat fett: 13,2 g
Hiilihydraatteja/Kolhydrater: 2.6 g
– joista sokereita/varav sockrarter: 0 g
Kuitua/Kostfiber: 7.5 g
Proteiinia/Protein: 14.3 g
Suolaa/Salt: 0 g

Kaliumia: 659.0 mg
Magnesiumia: 376.0 mg
Kalsiumia: 160.0 mg
Seleeniä: 1917.0 µg