C8 MCT-POWDER Hot Chocolate

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Give your coffee a boost of chocolate or make a sugar free and functional hot chocolate!

The Friendly Fat Company C8 MCT-POWDER HOT CHOCOLATE with Acacia fiber for instant and sustained energy, increased endurance and mental focus.

Clean formula with prebiotic fiber promoting a healthy gut. Free from all kinds of additives. We use MCT-oil with 99% C8 (caprylic acid) for more powerful energy.


- Instant & lasting energy

- Sharper brain function & focus

- Improved athletic performance

- Increased satiety between meals

- Supports weight loss & weight control

- Speeds up transition into ketosis


Add 1-2 spoons to your coffee, shakes, hot milk or other drinks whenever you need an extra energy boost.

Ingredients: C8 MCT-oil (caprylic acid) from coconut, acacia fiber, cocoa powder, erythritol, steviol glycosides.

Gluten free, dairy free, vegan.