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Puhdistamo Athletics Optimal Pre-Workout, 350 g, Mango & Raspberry is a top-quality power booster that helps you achieve your results faster and allows you to get the most out of your performance in training, whatever your sport! 

The 100% vegan and completely stimulant-free Optimal Pre-Workout includes e.g. L-citrulline, L-arginine, beta-alanine, BCAA amino acids (L-leucine, L-isoleucine, L-valine) and major electrolytes such as magnesium and potassium. The combination of these ingredients will give you fuel for performance and in addition, your fluid balance will remain optimal throughout your workout. Magnesium also helps reduce fatigue and exhaustion

Purifier Athletics Optimal Pre-Workout, Mango & Raspberry does not contain caffeine, so you can also use it in the evening: you get effects for your workout without being disturbed by night stimulants. The delicious taste of the product is obtained from 100% natural falvouring, and only steviol glycosides made from stevia plants have been used for sweetening.

Pack size: 350 g (approx. 17-35 servings)

Instructions for use: Mix 10-20 g of powder with 2-4 dl of water and enjoy 15-30 minutes before training. Stir in water, allow the mixture to stir for a while and stir again until the mixture is clear. The powder mixes most easily in a shaker. Each serving contains 8.5 to 17 g of amino acids.

Country of manufacture: Finland

The beta-alanine contained in the product may cause a tingling sensation in the lips and body. This is a normal reaction that should not be frightened.


Nutritional content per serving (10 g & 20 g):

  • L-citrulline 2500 mg 5000 mg
  • L-arginine 1350 mg 2700 mg
  • Beta-alanine 1250 mg 2500 mg
  • L-leucine 1700 mg 3400 mg
  • L-isoleucine 850 mg 1700 mg
  • L-valine 850 mg   1700 mg
  • Magnesium  6 mg | 1.6% * 12 mg 3.2% *

* Recommended daily intake.
Ingredients:   L-citrulline, L-arginine, beta-alanine, L-leucine, L-isoleucine, L-valine, malic acid, natural flavors, sweeteners (stevioglycosides), OptiMSM (methylsulfonylmethane), Guérande sea salt, potassium salt, , sodium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate