Tunturi Suspension Trainer With Carrying Bag Black/Orange


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Tunturi suspension Trainer with carrying bag

From elite athletes to seniors, this handy Tunturisuspension Trainer is perfect for everyone. A fitness accessory for a fast and effective full-body workout. The suspension trainer is easy to use and in any desired place. Hang at home, in the gym or in the park at an anchor point and you're ready to go. You train with your own body weight, so the risk of injuries is small. There are a lot of exercises possible and you decide how much you want to train by adjusting your body position.

The benefits of the Tunturisuspension Trainer:
- Develop your strength, balance and flexibility and improve your attitude
- Easy to attach to an anchor point, such as a door, beam, lamppost or tree
- Train at a location of your choice
- Easy to use and suitable for all training levels

Also work on a healthy and supple body and order this Tunturisuspension Trainer!

Colour: black, orange
Material: nylon
Gender: unisex
Package dimensions: 22 x 18 x 9 cm

1 Suspension Trainer
1 Mesh carrier bag
1 Training schedule