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Safe to say today was the second time (first time was yesterday) I followed through on a whole yoga session, which was only 20min. But this thing is rough! 

I have a newfound respect for ladies and gents that can see this through for a full hour!


I found that working from home during the Coronavirus situation has left me getting a bit lethargic and drab and often it is difficult to break away, mentally, from work since I am working at the dining room table it is always around. 

The weather isn't always great and going for a walk can be a tedious exercise if you need to put on a few layers. So we figured we would squeeze in a 20min beginner yoga session. 

At first, I was a bit hesitant and thought, this would be so easy and it's just boring stretches I do before lifting weights.....but noooo, this experience was way worse and it kinda pushed me to some extremities. There were moments when I was so out of breath that I just stopped and went on my knees, or at one point I just got up and said 'screw this I need water'. But when I came back the lady on the TV was still going....and not to look like a whimp I jumped back in.

With all the breathing and extending the body and muscles, it felt really good.....afterwards. During is a different story, but we are determined and with time it can only get easier. It also took some strain off from focussing only on work as you check in a bit with yourself so it's like a mini-meditation session all in one.


I think we will continue (do or do not, there is no try) to do this 20 or 30min yoga sessions during our 14h coffee break and if weather permitting try to go for a walk (while it is still allowed).

This is the video we did today, which was pretty awesome! Don't forget to like the video! 

Remember everyone, stay safe out there and try to keep healthy (with some of our delicious snacks of course) and keep fit

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