Политика доставки

Processing time

Time to process the order depends on the time the order is received. Working days are Monday to Friday in the warehouse when picking and packing can take place.

Orders placed on weekends will be picked, packed and leave the warehouse on a Monday depending on the size of the shipment and availability of the courier service.

Orders coming in before 11h (am) will be picked and packed and sent on the same day, whereas orders after this time will be shipped the next day around 12h.

This processing time is not included in the stated delivery

Shipping time - consumables

Shipping times are presented at checkout where the shipping option needs to be selected. This selection is based on shipping location, service provider and delivery points. 

The standard shipping time is 2-3 days, after the processing time has been completed, for Finland and Estonia. The rest of Europe has 4-6 days delivery time. This is common within Europe unless otherwise informed by the courier service caused by Force  Majeure (the act of God, that is not in the hands of the company such as bad weather, pandemics, plagues etc.) in these cases the 2-3 days delivery time will not be met and the sent tracking link can be used to check where the shipment is. 

If there is a major delay, please use the Contact us page to let us know so we can follow up with the shipping company

For international shipments, the information will be provided to the customer once the logistics agency informs the company on the ETA due to flight availability and other standard waiting times


Shipping time - Excercise Equipment

Please note that the shipping time is after packing and handing it over to DHL for delivery. The Delivery time is an estimate provided by the courier


Shipping time for delivery of excercise equipment



Shipping cost options will be presented at Checkout. This cost depends largely on the weight of the shipment, however, in certain circumstances the size of the shipment will be taken into account. Whichever is more expensive will be charged at the checkout page.

The costs cover the shipping to the agreed point of delivery as well as the packaging and fragile handling of the shipment. If the shipping option for a dropoff point is chosen, i.e. R-Kioski or Smartpost this will be the delivery point and it will be communicated to the customer where to collect via sms.

Standard costs are applied for the shipping weights, these are from 0-5kg; 5-10kg and 10kg and higher. Different costs apply to the different weight in packages and the options are given at checkout

For exercise equipment, the shipping takes place from Netherlands and a DHL partner is used to deliver the items to your address where you have to sign for it. 

Shipping options

Shipping options are only done with couriers and smartpost to get the items to our customers in the shortest time possible due to the goods being food items and longer shipments might cause expiration and/or poor handling causes contamination

These options are presented at Checkout and are mostly done with POSTI or GLS with whom the warehouse has agreements with.

In special cases and International shipments, DHL Express is being used

If there is another preferred carrier, please let us know in the Contact us section and we can check our options


Shipping restrictions

In the current environment, there is no restriction other than we can only transport and ship the items ordered from our shop having the same warehouse. 

In case of bigger orders or shipments, please let us know via the 'contact us' page and we can make a different plan or arrange for a discount on some products


The basic requirement for shipping is that it includes 1 or more of the products found in the shop.

Accepted payment methods

The accepted payment methods are presented at Checkout when payment needs to be made. This includes Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Apple Pay and Paypal.