Foodin HERKKUISA - White chocolate spread 240g


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This wonderfully soft and creamy white chocolate delicacy is made from 100% plant-based ingredients - organic, of course! 

It tastes delicious as it is, or as part of baking and smoothie bowls. At its best the creamy white chocolate can be used as a decoration for pastriesor a dip for fruits! 

It is made in Vaajakoski with 100% solar energy. Did you know that our production is carbon neutral?

NOTE! The product may melt to flow at high temperatures, but you may want to bring the product to the refrigerator to solidify. Melting does not affect the shelf life of the product.

After opening, store Delicious at room temperature with the cap closed.


Cashew *, coconut oil *, coconut flakes *, erythritol *, tapioca fiber, coconut milk powder *, vanilla extract powder *, sunflower lecithin *, sea salt / Cashewnöt *, kokosolja *, kokosflingor *, erythritol *, tapiocatrakt, vaniljex, vaniljex

* = Organic / Ecological


Nutritonal Value per 100g:

Energy / Energy: 2,234.75kJ / 534.63kcal
Fats / Fett: 51.33g
- of which saturated / reserve fats: 39.56g
Carbohydrates / Kolhydrater: 11.55g
- Of which sugars / reserve sockerarter: 3.16g
Fibers / Kostfiber : 14.13g
Proteins / Protein: 6.63g
Salt / Salt: 0.34g