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Unsweetened hazelnut-raw chocolate spread Delicious fits on the breakfast table like a cast. Spread the Delicacy on toast or rice cake on a slow weekend morning, and enjoy the nutty, chocolatey, full-bodied flavor along with, for example, organic coffee. Some also mix the gourmet Delicacy with muesli and porridge, or dip fresh fruit and berries in it.

The possibilities in baking are downright endless, and the nut chocolate spread is suitable for both sweet and full-bodied and fresh and fruity desserts. Garnish it with cakes, pastries, icing biscuits and pour over the pie. Try brushing Delicacies for caramelized apples or lightly cooked pears, for example.

The multi-purpose unsweetened hazelnut-raw chocolate spread is also suitable as part of a smoothie, as a finishing touch to a delicious portion of ice cream or, for example, on top of salted biscuits! Like traditional chocolate spreads, the delicacies are also suitable as part of dessert sauces, mousses and other fluffy and creamy delicacies. The delicacy is so good that sometimes the spoon gets lost in the jar just for itself!

If the unsweetened delicacy is granular, no worries - it's the fat of the product, and the composition is made even by melting the jar in a water bath, stirring and solidifying it again in the refrigerator.


HAZELNUTS (29%), coconut oil *, coconut flakes *, erythritol *, tapioca fiber *, cocoa powder *, coconut milk powder *, sunflower lecithin *, sea salt

* = Organic / Ecological


Nutritonal Value per 100g:

Energy / Energy: 2,329.02kJ / 557.18kcal
Fat / Fett: 57.26g
-of which saturated / reserve fats: 36.28g
Carbohydrates / Kolhydrater: 5.39g of
which sugars / reserve sockerarter: 3.06g
Dietary fiber / Kostfiber : 16.54g
Protein / Protein: 15.07g
Salt / Salt: 0.19g