Pure2Improve Barbell Set Cement 130 Cm 20 Kg 9 Pieces


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Pure2Improve Cement barbell set

This barbell set from Pure2Improve is a versatile tool for all your weight training sessions and is ideal for home use. The set includes a bar, three pairs of weight plates and two spring locks. The weight plates weigh 1.25 (yellow), 2.5 (red) and 5 (black) kilograms. Determine the weight yourself and do your favourite fitness exercises with this barball.

Colour: black, red, yellow
Gender: unisex
Material: plastic
Length of rod: 130 cm
Disc weight: 1.25 - 2.5 - 5 kg
Age: from 12 years onwards

1 Rod
1 Pair of weight plates 1,25 kg
1 Pair of dumbbells 2.5 kg
1 Pair of dumbbells 5 kg
2 Spring locks