Summer ready - Getting leaner and staying lean!

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Was the Covid lockdown disastrous for your weight?

You are not alone, I think all of us gained a few centimeters around the waist during the lockdowns and closing of gyms and workplaces and finding the motivation amidst our depressive home state. 

This was definitely not a easy task and comfort eating and not getting all your "steps" in was not helping at all


Luckily you still have time to fight the flab!

Let's take a look at some ways to get healthier, leaner and in better shape using some of our favourite items! 



You have heard it all before, curb your cravings by skipping a meal with a liquid protein shake. It will digest faster than normal food, since it is in liquid form but also will keep the hunger away! Be careful though since you need a nutrient dense shake instead of only relying on protein or fat. So a well rounded products is needed in order to not loose muscle, become sick or create a deficiency in your system.

From our shop, you have options! 

We have an amazing shake with collagen, MCT and Protein and zero sugars from GLONUA/GONUTRO! The collagen protects the stomach and also helps keep healthy skin, hair and nails while the protein helps to keep the muscle going and the MCT is the good fat you need to function and for energy!

 Glonutro collagen mct protein hsake that can be used as a meal replacement and supplement when working out

Another Immunity booster containing healthy gut bacteria to filled with nutrients to help you build a healthy system from PULSIN. This shake tastes great and includes a range of vitamins and contains over 1 billion live Bacillus Coagulans live bacteria which can improve gut health and provides a daily boost of friendly bacteria. It is also Vegan friendly with protein coming from pea, pumpkin seeds and rice.


Next - Get enough fiber

Fiber is super important and we have products packed with Fiber! Not only in the shakes mentioned above but also in the bars we have. A study published in today’s Annals of Internal Medicine suggests that something as simple as aiming to eat 30 grams of fiber each day can help you lose weight, lower your blood pressure, and improve your body’s response to insulin just as effectively as a more complicated diet. (Harvard research article)

For this we have an number of great bars that can be used for breakfast, midday snack or as a pre or post workout snack since it also hase needed proteins

Important - Get that workouts in

Even if you take a 30min walk, working in the garden, 20 Pushups while watching that Netflix series or some simple crunches while waiting for the Laundry! 

One thing is for sure - with a perfect pre-working you will be in the mood to workout in no time! We always go for Stimulant free since caffeine is not so great for the stomach. Exogenous Ketones will boost your body's Ketones which means burning fat as fuel! Try these! 

We also have electrolytes to increase how your whole body functions and increase movement in your gut as well

PUHDISTAMO stimulant free preworkout and EEA

Exogenous ketones to burn and release more ketones for burning fat


Snacking right is not as easy as it sounds. Loading up on protein bars can be detrimental or eating something low fat can be misleading - HIDDEN SUGARS are real!

We aim to be transparent and bring you the best cleanest products to help you SNACK RIGHT! We have a full arsenal of products to help you improve your digestion, cut out carbs, take away the sugar from your life and to help you stay healthy and burn all the fat. 

We have competitive pricing and in many aspects our products are the cheapest, we have fast delivery and great service with loads of discounts from all our influencers.

So really you have no excuse!

Check out our simple products to help you FIGHT THE FLAB!


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