Avento Fitness Wheel Power Ab-Roller 17 Cm Black/Blue


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Avento Power Ab-Roller fitness wheel

With the Avento Power Ab-Roller fitness wheel you can train your abs simply and effectively. Training with this fitness wheel not only strengthens your abdominal muscles but also ensures that you appeal to the muscles in your back, chest, arms and shoulders. Its design allows you to easily determine the intensity of your workout. In addition, the abdominal trainer allows you to build up your workout slowly. The handles and the wheel have a profile for extra grip and comfort so that the exercises can be performed correctly. In the initial phase you support yourself on your knees and roll the wheel forwards and back again. Furthermore, the further you roll out the training wheel, the heavier the exercise. Once you get used to using this power wheel, keep your legs stretched and do the exercise again.

Colour: black, blue
Gender: unisex
Wheel material: plastic
Material tire around wheel: rubber
Tube material: steel
Handle material: plastic (non-slip)
Wheel diameter: 17 cm
Weight: approximately 440 grams